Monday, February 23, 2015

I make $24 on 2 days on automatic

I make 4 sale in the first day of new year and in the next day I make one more sale, total 5 sale and it it generate 23.9 $ ~ $24.

The beauty is complete on autopilot....

Below is the scrinshot from amazon.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Today's first day of Lunar New Year and I make 4 sale

Happy New Year!

Wish all good things will come to you...

Just a quick updates,

To day is first day of new year, while waiting for the contents from my writer on for a new niche for mine, I just made 4 sale from a different niche stood on #1 page of

It's fun, I think in this new year, all good things will come to me in this 2015.

Alot of niche, and alot of sale!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 16, 2015

10,000 Words Article For $100 With My PREMIUM Writer

You know, some fews days ago, I have looked a Premium writer one

And I got her now, I just ordered a 10,000 words article for $100. Some one don't want to pay this amount for $100, but If you want to be the best of the areas you are joining, you have to do that.

Now i'm doing a life-time project, so I have to invert. I believe it'll make me as lease 1,000 dollar per month in the fuature.

What's your project today.

Let's talk below,

See you,

Friday, February 13, 2015

I'm Finding Premium Acticle Writers on oDesk for my profect

Yesterday, I fell up money to my bank acc to order some contents...

Now, I just post a hiring job on oDeck, best place to hiring writers.

Here are my tips, thanks to Tung Tran, Lewis and my best friend 

You can read posts below on how to hire writer

I go to sleep for now, today is my day off

and Have a good sleep too me

See you tommow :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good Website Hosting Offer 6 Months FREE - Sign up now

Just a twit...

With this link, you can get 6 months GOOD hosting for FREE from they guys at Simple Host 

Click here --> If you use this link you can get 6 months free.

NO affiliate link, promise!

Fill up money to bank acc and plan to order some contents

Just a quick updates...

it's second day in this week I do the night shift, now 1'15am and a quick updates what i am do today.

Just fill up $200 to my bank acc to order some content and SEO service. Now I'm building the content frame to order from

About my brother, i guide him register an acc at to buy domain name.

Have you any question? give me conment below :)

See you in next post!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I found a profitable niche and have registered a new domain name

I and my best friend do the micro niche site, so we talk about niche every time we meet, and it'll be never boring, and we usually sharing every thing on the road, we group buy some affiliate tools to saving money...

You already know I'm finding a profitable micro niche to do. So I asked him give me his niche list, and... he give me his BIG list, and... I saw a very profitable micro niche, the niche we have calling "life time project".

This is a good micro niche (I think that) like the Security Guard Training of Pat Lynn from Smart Passive Income. And I ready exicting about :)

So I go to research and registered a domain name with a good price! kaka , a create a new acc and buy from with EURO 2.39 only....

I you need a domain name for now, visit (non affiliate link) and using the coupon DEGHPQTV to save your money.

I already have my own domain for my new project, and I plan for a "life time project", a "life-time passive income website".

I'll update everything I do on the next days.

See you,

Now is 01'18am, and i'm working the the night shift, and blogging :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

He just open a bank account

You know I and my brother are doing the micro niche site, I will guide him how to do and how micro niche site profitable...

Step-by-step, because he have no idea, have no knowlege,...

So, 10'00am this morning, I carred him go to the bank and guide him registartion a bank account, Now he's waiting for a acc with 2 card, a Visa card for global payment, and a stanrdad card for doing something inside the country.

In the next day, I'll show him how to register a American Bank Account, include with a Master Card to without money from Amazon, then without from American Bank Acc to local bank-his registered bank today!

I'll training my brother

I just end of the shift and do the report for today, now is 0'03 am...

I have a new idea... I'll training my brother, from scrash...

Affiliate or niche site can generate passive income, and I can invert my all time and money for... It's better if my brother can do and He can get some hundrend bucks a month form niche site, a regular job from my hom town can generate some more $100/m only.

If i can training he become a pro niche money maker, it'll be game-changing...

And i'll guide him form scrach... I'll guide him how to create a gmail, godaddy acc, bank acc, buy domain, hoting, seo service, content, all thing to prepare to generate money from

Now I think i'll go to sleeping...


Monday, February 9, 2015

How to wake up on time

You know, yesterday I waked up at 9'30 am and it's a big failure with me.

And today I waked up at 8'35, (yesterday I go to sleep at 0'45am)

And I realize how that can help me get up on time, time I want.

Each person should sleep at least 8 hours to ensure health.

If I want to wake up at 6 am for the workout, I need to go to bed at 22 pm yesterday, less if my body will be tired.

The problem is that I end of the shift at 23 hours, and I can start at 0 hours sleep. I would not healthy enough for morning exercises at 6 am.

I'm plaing to quit the job, for workout, and do the online marketing, full time...

Do you have any idea?

Give me a comment please :)

Trying To Buy A New Domain Name

I'm finding to register a new domain for my next project today, it's mean my next niche site...

I'm doing the keywork research to get out a profitable market...

But I want to go to sleep for now... because it's 0'45am

See you tomorrow :)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Half Day Report


I waked up at 9'30 am today...

It's truely a BIG failure !

It's an absolute waste of time and money!

Continue waiting for the rank of niche, and have no ideal, why?

First Report a.k.a

This's my first report....

What and Why I do the report!

What, I think... I need to keep track my actions every day to see what I did today, it has helped me come closer to the goal or I'm wasting time. Looking at it I can do better the next day!

I will list what I achieved today, this week, or this month, because I'm a make money online guy so I hope my case it'll help you (Why) It'll help me too because I can control myself.

What I am missing in this report is a image of mine... Hope tomorrow it have!

See you,

Wait, What I did today: I'm just waiting for my micro niche site, because it's in the sandbox time, am I wasting my time, right? So a failure day of mine...

Your video bonus :)