Sunday, February 8, 2015

First Report a.k.a

This's my first report....

What and Why I do the report!

What, I think... I need to keep track my actions every day to see what I did today, it has helped me come closer to the goal or I'm wasting time. Looking at it I can do better the next day!

I will list what I achieved today, this week, or this month, because I'm a make money online guy so I hope my case it'll help you (Why) It'll help me too because I can control myself.

What I am missing in this report is a image of mine... Hope tomorrow it have!

See you,

Wait, What I did today: I'm just waiting for my micro niche site, because it's in the sandbox time, am I wasting my time, right? So a failure day of mine...

Your video bonus :)

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