Monday, February 9, 2015

How to wake up on time

You know, yesterday I waked up at 9'30 am and it's a big failure with me.

And today I waked up at 8'35, (yesterday I go to sleep at 0'45am)

And I realize how that can help me get up on time, time I want.

Each person should sleep at least 8 hours to ensure health.

If I want to wake up at 6 am for the workout, I need to go to bed at 22 pm yesterday, less if my body will be tired.

The problem is that I end of the shift at 23 hours, and I can start at 0 hours sleep. I would not healthy enough for morning exercises at 6 am.

I'm plaing to quit the job, for workout, and do the online marketing, full time...

Do you have any idea?

Give me a comment please :)

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